Like all other fossils, the tens of thousands of amber fossils found in the Dominican Republic reveal one very important truth: living things have remained unchanged over the course of millions of years – in other words, they have never undergone evolution. Mosquitoes have always existed as mosquitoes, ants as ants, bees as bees, dragonflies as dragonflies and spiders as spiders. In short, all living things have had exactly the same characteristics ever since the moment they first appeared on the Earth. Living things that existed millions of years ago and have been preserved in amber are identical to specimens alive today.  This fact deals a deadly blow to the theory of evolution, and once again reveals the fact of Creation.

Fossils preserved in amber are a field of study for a great many scientists. There are many specimens of life forms that were fossilized as they carried food back to their nests, defended themselves, tried to camouflage themselves, attempted to protect their young, or as they secreted chemical substances in order to neutralize predators. All these specimens are proof that living things do not change over millions of years, in other words, that no such process as evolution ever happened.